So in the process of getting into creating new things I started with something small. I’ve had this great wallpaper app, on my Mac, called WallCat that changes your wallpaper every day. But the issue I had was I didn’t see those wallpapers every day. If I had to see it I had to minimize all my applications that I had open most of the time. Command + Option + h + m just seemed like hard work every day, yeah I know first world problems. In that sense ‘Minimize’ was born out of necessity. I’m sure you all know how that saying goes. ‘Necessity is the mother of all invention’; this quote which I last heard from one of my ServisHero colleague's talk recently.

So the only thing that Minimize does is hide/minimize all your windows every time your Mac goes to sleep. That’s it.

I didn’t think this would be useful to people but I asked around on Twitter if anyone was interested to try it out. Around 20 people ‘liked’ that I made the app and only 3 responded wanting to try it out. Which was surprising, since I didn’t think other people would actually want a functionality like this. Some people hilariously suggested this could be used to hide porn so you could avoid those embarrassing situations. Sure, another use case.

So if anyone wants to try it out you can download it below. Just install and let it run on your status bar. Just think of it as having a clean slate every time you open your Mac, and then get back to work. If I haven’t sold this enough I’ll leave this quote from a test user who said:

“This thingamajig is dope af”, in a feedback tweet.

If that doesn’t sell it I don’t know what will.

Download Here.

If you have any issues installing, use control + right click and "Open". I plan to put this in the App Store soon but for now this is the only option.

If you have any feedback please send them to New features, ideas and feedback on how useless this app is most welcome.


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