Burn out

The past two years have been great, with a kid, joining a startup. But I’ve been neglecting myself. Neglecting my creativity. I’ve stopped building things for myself.

I’ve built things, which I have wanted, with varying success. Tiwiii was pretty cool with a small following, and I loved building every single moment of it. It wasn’t profitable but you can say it was my first startup.

Noos was another thing that I needed, that I built, and I’m making pretty solid money from it, from advertising. You could say it is my first successful startup.

And many other small things.

  • I built the first iOS Dhivehi native inbuilt keyboard for an app.
  • Created little scripts to download images from Twitter, Instagram and sold them on Code Canyon. Search by #hashtag and download images
  • An email downloading script to download all emails, with attachments. A lot of people bought this as well.
  • I started working on a game that I never finished (@maailmakesgames on twitter) in 2016
  • And nothing more after that

So I hope to change all of that today starting from this blog post. I've been inspired with all my friends, who are just killing it with their ideas, and just shipping. Check Lottie Files, Polly Got, WOIF(http://thewoif.com). I need to start shipping too. So to make myself accountable here is what I'm going to ship soon:

  • An update to Noos; got so many great ideas for this. And hopefully increase revenue as well.
  • I have an app that I wanted to make for some time. It's for noting down memories. When something triggers a past memory just note it down. And you keep it with you on that app/backups forever. And all information is private. For me, memories are the most valuable thing in your lifetime. Got a revenue model in mind for this as well.
  • Photo uploading platform with a twist. Will generate revenue.
  • Product cataloguing platform. Will generate revenue.

I intend to finish all of these by the end of 2018. Some of these might work, so of these might not. The idea is passive income, without funding. And this blog is a way to keep me motivated to do it. And hopefully improve my writing skills as well.

Till later.


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